About me

Viennese on tour

Travelling from one place to another, exploring the world not only by visiting new destinations, but also by watching, recognising and understanding.

Welcome to my travel blog!

I am Maximilian, a Viennese with Italian-Romanian roots who decided to leave his home country in 2018. But what was the reason? Every day life became unbearable, or rather unbearably boring, had clouded my perspective on life and deepest wishes and dreams finally wanted to be lived.

Amoviaggio - Maximilian - Über mich

And so I fulfilled my first wish and moved to Berlin, where I lived in beautiful Kreuzberg. A time full of ups and downs, unforgettable experiences, encounters and formative experiences that made me mature. After almost two years, however, the point came where my feelings told me it was time to leave.

Back home, I quickly realized that this journey was not over yet. Even as a child, I was drawn to Italy, its fascinating culture and language, the positive people and its countless UNESCO World Heritage monuments, not to mention the best food in the world. So I packed my things again, gave up my shared room and headed south. Several workaways followed to build on and consolidate the basic language skills I had acquired through courses over the years before, as well as to get to know the culture and to get in contact with locals.

Amoviaggio - Maximilian - Über mich

One evening I was in my b&b in Sicily, my mobile phone full of photos and videos, and I didn’t know what to do next. I had the feeling that I had lost the thread after volunteering. Then I spoke to a friend on the phone who said, “You take such beautiful photos, why don’t you upload them up on Insta?” And so, unexpectedly and not at all planned, my travel blog on Instagram began.

There’s also another reason why I moved to Italy, to finally get to know my roots and to find my family. You can read more about it here.

I’m still travelling, you can find out my current location on Instagram.